Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Untitled", dirt, West Rutland marble, dead tree, twine, paraffin wax, 26'x 26'

Josephine Puckett
“Messages From the Future: Where are we going next?”

The human race is so desperate to achieve immortality. We fear extinction. What makes us so deserving of everlasting life? What makes us think we can defeat death? Why do we view ourselves as separate from this earth? This piece is not a declaration of a truth, but a meditation on a possibility. The possibility that we are just as insignificant as we fear. The possibility that no matter how carefully and tightly we wrap ourselves up, decomposition is inevitable.

Project Description:
I will cut down a dead tree. I will completely remove the bark so that its surface is smooth. I will cut the tree into sections of various sizes. Each section of the tree will be individually wrapped in white twine so that the surface of the tree is predominately covered. Each section of the tree will then be covered in a layer of white wax. Each section will then be laid on it’s own marble base. Each section of tree will lay without any of its appendages protruding beyond the borders of its individual base. Each base will be a clean cut rectangle. There will be minimal carving into the stone, if any. The marble bases will be organized into several rows, which will make up a larger rectangle of space. The rows will be placed so that the viewer may walk around all four sides of each base. I would like piece to be installed into a relatively large and open plot of land. I would like to have the rectangle where the piece is installed to be cleared of all plant life so that the piece may sit directly on dirt. I would like a path to be cleared so that the viewer may easily walk up to the installation. I would like this to be a permanent installation so that the piece will slowly change with time.

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